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One room tells the story of the effect that the on-location filming of the 1939 Hollywood Movie, Jesse James, staring Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda had on the county.
Tyrone Power Jr
Lynn Tatum & Tyrone Power, Jr.
Photo by Gayla Elliff Slish – Aug. 9, 2014

School Room
School Room

Music Hall
Music Hall

Prosecuter's Office
Prosecuter's Office


Military Room
Military Room

Drug Store Exhibit
Drug Store Exhibit

McDonald County Museum

Museum Summer Hours
Friday and Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
With the exception of special tours or events advertised we are closed during the winter.

Pauline Carnell, past and longest acting president, stated that, “in order to have an active Society, presentations need to be informative and exciting.” Pauline told of meetings “in costume” and shared other ideas. Pauline was passionate about her desire to preserve historical information. Pauline has been an avid County historian as evidenced in documented works found in libraries throughout the entire country.  A major part of the her early dream was to have a museum.  The following is a description of where we are in renovating the Old Courthouse on the Pineville square as a historical museum for all to see.

Exhibits created in the McDonald County Historic Courthouse from January, 2013 through to the current date are extensive.
Each of the courthouse downstairs rooms carries a theme that is central and unique to our county history.

Our historic courthouse is becoming a container for collecting, preserving and sharing our rich cultural heritage.

Courthouse in 1942
This is a personal Society favorite of what the Historic Courthouse looked like prior to the stucco that was added to the exterior. The photo was taken in 1942.

Artifact Donation
Please consider sharing the history of McDonald county with others by donating historical artifacts to the Museum. Please help us preserve McDonald County's Heritage for generations to come. We are here to identify, collect, preserve, interpret, showcase, and disseminate materials and information pertaining to McDonald County. If you have an item you think you would like to share please call 417-223-7700 or visit the museum during open hours, or drop us a note.

Monetary Donations

To make a tax-­deductible, monetary donation
to the McDonald County Historical Museum
Please make your check payable to
"McDonald County Historical Society"
and mail it to
P. O. Box 572
Pineville, MO 64856

Front Entrance
front entrance
Front Hall2
By Gone Days hall mural

Another carries the family stories of men gone off to war. 
Military roon 1
Military Room 2

We also have a room with two wall size wall paper murals of pictures telling the story of our county secession from the state of Missouri because we were left off of the state tourism map.
Family History 4

Telephone Room
Telephone Room
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