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Board Notes

October 2016

Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Lynn Tatum, President; Sam Alps, VP; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Alberta Anders, Tara Cosgrove, Karen Dobbs, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell,  Alice Snodgrass, Nick Spears, Kathy Underwood

I’ll repeat for those who have joined recently by saying these brief notes from our Board meetings are intended to keep our membership a bit up to date on what is being considered & acted upon by your Board.  Due to the quick and dirty nature of these note, I can only send to those with email, so if you have member friends that do not have access to email, please share.  In addition we always post them on our webpage:  http://www.mcdonaldcohistory.org/.
Judy R. presented the Financial Report showing a balance of some $27,000 in our Operating budget.   Lynn reported that we had reached the half way point in our $100,000 fund raising campaign dedicated to the Preservation of the Museum.

Lynn presented a summation on the status of a number of construction and renovation projects.  The roofing is being completed.  Projects in the future include repair and painting of the stucco and wood trim on the exterior.  As you may recall, the Board voted at the last meeting to leave the stucco in place.  There were two bids received and the Board voted to award the stucco project to: Dusty Hurley Painting in S.W. City.  Our next project(s) will involve replacement of the outside doors as well as reinforcing the attic followed by insulation to the attic.  We will wait on bids to determine if we can proceed with both or select only one project to address.  There are a number of projects remaining but, depending upon fundraising, will be “down the road”.  The historic sign above the door needs restored and this will be given to the Design Committee for their recommendations.

Alice, on behalf of the Publication Committee, reported that she had completed an inventory of all of our published items and all are presently in the Museum.  The James Reed books are well in hand with masters available in most cases.  Mary Mueller and sister will allow publication of Granny Stories.  Stan Fine and son are putting together stories available on Amazon but we can sell.

Sam reported on the list of artifacts presented to the Board for consideration.  These included: naval garments, navy photo, copy of discharge papers of George Ballard White given by Sue & Dale Eppard; U.S. Calvary spurs worn by August Buerman along with World Century Atlas-Vol 10 given by Patricia Beard; Photos taken during the filming of the Jesse James movie taken by Paul Kelly and donated by Doug Kelly ; Original photo of Ronald & Waunita Rains taken during the filming of the Jess James movie donated by Emma Lee McAfee; Tyrone Power photo/autograph donated by Patricia Wilson Lockard; Photo of a 63 pound baby in S.W. Mo donated by David Doss; a text book belonging to Mr. & Mrs. Gene Barnes and photos of Ted Collard & Obit donated by Joe Collard.  The Board voted to accept the above listed items.

Karen reported that the 4th grade tour are scheduled to being this month and should be completed by the first of the year.  Karen also proposed, and the Board voted approval, that we obtain a credit card reader for use at the various functions
Kathy reported that the membership numbers are continuing to increase, now at 222.   She also is serving as the Election Committee Chair and reported that all the ballots for Officers and Board Members have been mailed and should be returned before Nov. 14.

Margarette presented plans for our participation in the Oct.31 Halloween parade in Pineville and we will have a booth on the New Mac meeting on the 29th of October at Crowder.  In addition, there are plans to participate in the SW City, Noel, Pineville, Goodman and Anderson X-mas parades.

A summary of the Long Range Planning survey was presented by Lynn and following the discussion it was agreed that we will have another Board Strategic Planning meeting in the Spring using an outside convener.

In her Presidents’s report, Lynn discussed the need to return to developing and writing grants.  It was voted that we would begin by continuing and expanding the Speaker Series at our bimonthly Society meetings.  We will, through the grant funding, be able to bring speakers from outside the McDonald County area. 

As a point of information, the Board will host a reception to honor those volunteers that have, over the years, contributed so much to our organization.

LaSandra McKeever was a guest for the meeting and provided, at Lynn’s request, a detailed inventory list of cleaning supplies needed and available for the Docents.

That’ll do it for now… all be safe..  Al

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